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I am a thought from this Universe,
my purpose is to simplify things in order to free our powers.

I have many important questions to raise, and I must get the simplest answers,
about the meanings of good and evil, strength and weakness, life and death,
about my soal, my God and my Universe.
Therefore, we will learn more and suggest the pure rational knowledge.

Then, everyone will get to know his real soul.

The Freethought Scriptures 1.0.1

There are a huge variety of thoughts and religions, but the simplest answers are already between our hands.
We can rewind the history, question science and religion and learn from the secrets of Everything.

Then we can solve the human mind mysteries that we were unable to understand in thousands of years. Our world is growing, because our mind and knowledge are growing.

Nowadays with the progress of science and technology, we can simply find the truth. Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. by Albert Einstein.

Let's begin our journey

Think beyond the limits of our World.

  • Do you imagine what is there beyond these "small" stars that are closest to us?
  • Are you aware of who we are, where we are and what time we exist with respect to this Universe?

In fact, we are human beings, who are still struggling with ourselves and our nature, since thousands but millions of years, to build our dream empires, in the heavens of the planet "Earth", that was born in the vast cosmos, billions of years before our existence.

Our wonderful planet Earth is negligible in size, comparable to the infinite Space, and it's age is like a millisecond of time, comparable to the age of our Universe.

Yet, at the same time, Earth is a unique planet, and we, as creatures who belong to this planet, are very important living beings, for a straightforward reason: Human beings, have given a great wisdom to our world, to the planet Earth and beyond...

This Universe that we came from, and through It we were able to evolve and tame our planet Earth, is giving us a chance to handle it's recent creation for us, that through, we can solve our hard problems, and move forward to the next level.

It is the gift of mind and reason, that can give us the ability to learn, think and create.

So let us continue our trip and find out the deep secrets of this mind, through the secrets of our Universe.