Section 1

The Real Story of Our Miraculas World


We stand still, as we look to the greatness of our world.
A perfect world of miracles, the Sun shines it's blue sky, huge lands and oceans, plenty of resources, a huge variety of miraculas living beings, and even a huge variety of our human minds and creations.
And a perfect world of catasrophies, death, pain and selfishness.
So, how was this miraculas world found?

A - The Creation of Everything

Infinity of nothing equals everything.

Zero creates nothing, but infinity with zero create the first and the last dimentions.
Before everything, there was "Nothing", made of space, that is so vast and limitless, but in No-time, Nothing contained an infinity of its chaotic creations, thus creating time. Nothing is the space for everything to come into existence.

Nothing is the beginning of everything, but Nothing is relative.
As everything before existence can be Nothing, but never comes from absolute nothing.

Absolute nothing never existed, since ever and forever.

And the infinity of Nothing, and everything that is made of Nothing, are still creating or destroying everything else. As the Universe rules, powers, sciences and wisdom are still evolving, since ever and forever.

B - The creation of Our Sun

Humans have many gods, and Sun was one of the first Gods, for Humans to "worship".

Let's go back in the infinite time of Universe, through the history of Its simple galaxy, "Milky Way".

Many billions of years ago, in the wombs of Milky Way, a new star is born, our "Sun".
The birth could be so dramatic, but Milky way is still embracing its precious creations. and the stars are still holding by their mother galaxy, by simple laws of our Universe, without questioning their infinity or the reason of their existence.

As Sun, without questioning the reason of its existence, kept its divine relation with its mother galaxy and sister stars, to shine its beauty, parade its powers, create our World, and give the power to our planet "Earth", to exist and evolve.

Sun was so creative, so pure, and so simple. It was destinned to live for many billions of years.

C - The Creation of Earth

The Solar System is getting mature, and the children planets are braught up into existence.
Every planet is unique, powerful and so proud of its beauty and creativity. As one planet took a moderate path amongst all It's brother planets, for a new miraculous world to come into the scene, our honorable and precious home "Earth".

Earth witnessed many dramatic incidents also, but in No-time increased it's diversity and beauty: Mountains are rising, waters are falling, oceans are spreading as air is floating all over its surface, to prepare for its next miracular creations, the "Living Beings".

E - The Stages of Life on Earth

F - The beginning of Humans on Earth

G - Conclusion

We came into existence, from a world that we were already evolved through, and a world that we already created, and that's why the world is made ready for us.

But as we open our minds to be free, creative and powerful, we realize that fear has took a great part of the evolution of the human brain. But, how was this miraculas Brain found?

More chapters are coming soon.