Section 1

1- The Simple Mathematical Logic behind Everything

The logical Reality


In order to apply our creative imaginations, we have to recognize, what are real of them, and what are not. We have to use simple logic instead of emotional imaginations, so that we realize our truth. We have a weak link between emotions and reasoning, between imagination and reality, this is the secret of the human progress or destruction.

A - The Unlimited Universe

In order to understand our unlimited Universe we have to free our thoughts from the standards of our limited world and think deep through the rules of this Universe.

First rule

1x / ∞ = 0

Where x represents anything that we know,
  represents everything that we know or may even never expect, reach or understand.
  One and zero usually represent the simple yes or no. They represent our desicions, they represent the existence of Everything and Nothing, they represent our ordered world and they are the relative beginning or end of anything.

Yet, in the mathematics of our Universe, infinity does change the whole equation.

Absolute zero and absolute infinity are concepts that may not exist, yet at the same moment, these concepts do change the whole reality of this Universe.

Any definit value, range or standard, is a relative scale of something with respect to something else in this infinity.

Between infinity and zero goes all our rules, so let us try to simplify more rules of this infinity.

B - Creation and Science

Absolute zero and absolute infinity are references of scale that cannot be treated as other relative values.

2nd rule

From the 1st rule we conclude: ∞ × 0 = 1x

Where zero and one represent the non-existence and existence standard of anything, with respect to anything else.

The infinite existence is wrapped by an infinite Space of nothing and infinite probalities of everthing, that is the hidden power that overlaps everything there is. As every creation demands a creator, without creation there was never a creator.

We are a part of this creation, and the world is being created or destroyed, by us and before our eyes.

C - The Dynamic Universe of Order and Chaos

From chaos, we define what is order and what is disorder.

3rd rule

1x + 1x = 2x

Our organized Universe is a ballance between order and chaos.
Any incident in the right time and place can cause a new different result. Any good or bad idea has it's effect on our world, our society and our lives.

All principles can be standards, and all standards can die, change or evolve. Every standard that we know is a relative scale, and by nature is capable of change.
And this leads to a new equation, that the smallest particle of this Universe has the same importance of the whole Universe itself, both are related and both are so simple and infinite.

D - The Art of Evolution

Everything that exists is a relative creation.

4th rule

1x + 1x = 2x = 1y

A homogeneous reaction of beings can create a new and unique being. An infinite Universe is a continuous evolution of an infinite quantum world, of infinit resources.

Mathematical ratios are converted to space, time, energy, light, atoms, molecules, mass, sound waves, galaxies, black holes, stars, planets, lands, oceans, contenants, living beings, human minds, relations, partnerships, cultures, societies, countries, imaginations, languages, religions, science, technology and everything that set up this miraculas world, that we are studying now.

E - The Diversity of Creation and Evolution

5th rule

∞ + ∞ = ∞

The Cosmos is so vast, made of nothing, but contains everything and is still able to create and contain more and more.

Infinity, by nature, is too huge to calculate, that's why miracles and errors can occure simultaneously, and because of the inability to understand or reach the infinity, the operations may violate our intuition, and thus makes us unable to understand "God", neither the power of creation.

The Universe and by simple rules, is naturally able to create or destroy unlimited incidents or opportunities, that play minor or major roles on the equilibrium, change or evolution of everything, and we are a part of this creation, we are still discovering, creating and developing new rules and concepts of creativity... and destruction.

F - The Opposite Polarities of Our Universe Dimentions

Everything is an eternal cohesion and adhesion of positive and negative energies, this is what makes our Universe flowing and eternal.

6th rule

∞ - ∞ = Indeterminate can be from -∞ till +∞

Positive and negative dimentions of our world.

Good and Evil exist in everyone of us, and the winner is everyone who understands the relative meanings of good and evil. and the probabilities are unlimited. Knowledge, wisdom and reason are prizes from our Universe to those who could understand these powers, That's why we can progress if we know more, and let Evil retreat automatically from our world.
That's how the carma works. "God never forgets, and God waits but does never neglect"

This is the natural aspect of "God and Devil" where everything positive is good and everything negative is bad.

G - Perfection and Diversity

Evolution of beings may lead to infinite results, that's why we have unlimited opportunities.

7th rule

∞ <> ∞

If this infinity is our imagination, then there are infinity of things that we couldn't imagine or understand yet, this means that our infinite imaginations are neglegible with respect to this Universe.

Nothing is absolutely perfect or imperfect, neither our organized Universe, nor our world and minds, because perfection is achieved through the imperfections.
This is our world, Everything is seeking equilibrium and evolution by progressive rules, to prove its existence. Choices are unlimited, that's the secret behind the diversity of creation. Everything is experimental, may adapt, change, develop and evolve in order to keep its equilibrium and existence, or else to vanish by nature. Our minds are based on mathematical equations, if we give them illusions, they will be destroyed and if we give them logical knowledge they will be evolved.

Human mind is a new creation since few millions of years, it is a new natural experimental tool, it is used for good and evil, for wisdom and stupidity. That's why some people may learn from mistakes and others may not, that's why some people may advance in life and others may not, that's why some people had the gift of logical thinking and others will never have it, and that's why some of us may have a new level of mind evolution and others may not.

H - Conclusion

Our infinite Universe is a progressive harmony of incidents through the infinite dimentions of existence.

That's why our Universe is an eternal adhesion and cohesion of negative and positive energies.
That's why positive and negative energies have no limits, science, knowledge, imagination, wisdom and even stupidity have no limits.
That's why good and evil exist.
That's why things can miraculously change and evolve for continuity or extinction.
That's why our problems can be reasons for our solutions.
That's why we have to rethink, in order to find solutions for our problems and surpass the negative energies that destroyed the meanings of life and Humanity. Wisdom is a missing link between logic and emotions.